If there’s one thing that Messina is renowned for, it’s the weekly specials of gelato that it concocts and then scoops out for all us sweet-toothed idiots. They’re usually based around some hot-button issue or moment in pop culture, freezing it in time with a layer of yum creamy gelati. What’s not to love about ’em.

For two red-hot days at the end of July, Messina will be overhauling every dish in the freezer at both Rosebery and Fitzroy stores with a host of specials from years gone by.

By their calculations, there’s about 17 years worth of specials to go through to narrow it down to the selected few that will be scooped out into our grubby little hands over July 27 & 28. If there’s what, five specials every week, and there are 52 weeks in a year, and it’s been happening for 17 years that’s a casual 4420 (yew) specials to pick from. And sometimes they bring back crowd faves, so let’s just round it down to 4000ish over 17 years.

No pressure, Messina. Don’t fuck this up.

We’ve been given a mere taste of what they just might be slinging out over the greatest hits revisited weekend, including the likes of Montgomery’s Gold Mine, Red Wedding, Fairy Bread, and hopefully NOT the Roast Chicken sorbet (please, no.)

If you wanna get in on this delicious action, head along to the Rosebery store in Sydney from 11am, or the Fitzroy store in Melbourne from midday over July 27 & 28.

Messina will be looking back lovingly at some of its top-rated creations from the last decade-and-three-quarters, so chuck your all-time fave in the ring/comments and it might just make an appearance in the freezer of fame.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be over here, just hoping that Messina brings back the Red Velvet for the greatest hits and also for all the time and also maybe a magic tub in my own freezer that refills itself constantly. Thank you.

Image: Supplied