Those online shopping hounds among you will no doubt know full well how to sniff out a tasty bargain. But what if I were to tell you that there now exists a bargain that was literally tasty? What if I were to tell you that there now exists a way to get your hands on a never-before-seen Messina goodie, via – would you believe – eBay? You simply wouldn’t read about it. “Ridiculous!” you’d probably say. But it’s true! It’s true, I say! I tell absolutely no lies.

As part of eBay’s on-going – and rather mammoth – 21st birthday celebration brouhaha, the dessert wizards at Messina are giving folks in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne the chance to pick up a heretofore unreleased version of their iconic Dr Evil’s Magic Mushroom cake, all from the comfort of your eBay account.

From tomorrow (that’s Tuesday, September 15th) hungry shoppers in any one of the three major eastern seaboard cities can snare a Dr Evil cake – featuring altered flavours and size for the very first time in Messina’s history – for the princely sum of just $21 including delivery. That’s the Buy It Now price, too. You won’t have to get into a bidding war with CakeBaby420 to get your hands on it.

In even better news, every cent raised from the sale of the cakes is going to a very good cause indeed: Beyond Blue Support Service.

This mini version of the famous cake sports a red chocolate dome with white chocolate dots – coloured in your standard eBay colours, for glaringly obvious reasons. Contained within said dome? Vanilla gelato, cram packed with birthday cake, chocolate-coated honeycomb, and raspberry jam.

As far as the stem goes, buddy it’s something else entirely: I’m talking dulce de leche and vanilla gelato, with a popping candy feuilletine “grass” at the base.

The mini Messina cake is “recommended” to feed 8-10 people, but in these uncertain times no one’s gonna bat even the slightest eyelid at you if you decide that you’re keen for a challenge.

The cakes go on sale in limited numbers from 10am Tuesday, so if you’re keen to get involved, consider getting on it quick.

Image: Supplied