Another day, another Messina Cookie Pie and once again I want to demolish it like there’s no tomorrow.

Behold, the Cone-ception Cookie Pie: stuffed with milk and dark choc chips, caramel custard, waffle cone spread and finally topped with a delicious cone crumble. The little lockdown treaty also comes with a tub of gelato (of course), so you can not only salivate over the cookie-pie goodness, but indulge in Messina’s yummy ice cream too .

Until Messina started launching them, I had never heard of a cookie pie before. But now I know, it’s the king of desserts and I am its loyal subject. A giant cookie, with a gooey centre and a crumbly topping. Not quite a cookie, not quite a pie. It’s perfect.

It was only last month that I wrote about the Gooey Fairy Bread version, but now it’s back baby and in a whole new form. Not to make Melburnians feel worse, but this delicious treat was released during Melb’s fifth lockdown. Now, it’s being released during lockdown six. Welp.

Messina releasing yet another cookie pie in lockdown is either a happy coincidence or a way for the gelateria to bring us some extra joy during these trying times. Either way, sinking my teeth into layers of pure sugar sounds good to me.

The Messina kit comes in three bundles, with either a 500ml tub, 1 litre tub or 1.5 litre tub – ranging from $38 to $48. If I were you, I’d opt for the heftier option.

Another thing to note, Messina is breaking up orders into time slots depending on your location, so double check the time for your store here.

Pre-order your Cone-ception Cookie Pie via the Messina website, Monday August 9.