Almost as if they knew that the start of winter was going to be a particularly chilly one, Gelato Messina is back again with another cookie pie – this time mashing together two delectable desserts (and Messina greats) into one possibly illegal combination. Cheesecake and choc-malt cookies.

I know these limited edition drops are usually pretty bloody rich but hells bells this new cookie pie looks next level.

gelato messina cookie pie
I mean COME ON.

The bake-at-home deep dish cookie creation is a chocolate malted cookie absolutely stuffed with an oozing, gooey vanilla malt cheesecake, and then sprinkled with a crunchy choccy-malt cookie crumble on top.

I know I’ve crowed on about Messina’s cookie pies and hot tubs before (let us never forget the fancy Viennetta) but this is truly something else. Can you imagine this disc of deliciousness fresh out of the oven? I feel like you’d take a bite of the molten malted cookie cheesecake monstrosity and see god immediately.

gelato messina cookie pie
This is visually satisfying all my lockdown cravings in one hit.

Just like with all the other limited edition Messina creations, anyone signed up to the mailing list will have first dibs on these bad boys from 9am Monday, June 7. A cookie pie will set you back $25 on its own (a respectable choice) with the option to tack on a tub of gelato ranging from 500ml to 1.5L for an extra bit of cash.

Once you’ve locked in your devilishly decadent dessert, you’ll be able to pick ’em up from any of the Messina stores between June 11 and 13. Not to drop any hints but if you know someone who’s got a birthday over the June long weekend (ie. me), this would be a hell of a gift for a Gemini who just wants some treats and attention points.

Alternatively for those of us in Melbourne, tell me one of these cheesecake cookie pies wouldn’t be the perfect celebratory sweetie if/when the extended lockdown lifts and we can maybe see our friends again. Either that or it’s the dream comfort food to eat over the course of a movie marathon while still in some kind of stay-at-home orders.

Image: Supplied