Meredith Dairy Is Piffing Its Delish Goats Cheese By The Bucketload Next Month

What’s better to have in the heat of the summer than an entire bucket full of marinated cheese? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. If you’re a bit of a fan of the creamy treats from Meredith Dairy, you’ll be able to take home a whole bucket of the stuff for one day only in December.

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From 10am on Sunday, December 15, the dairy will throw open its warehouse doors to the public for its annual bucket bonanza, where you can pop by and pick up some good deals on its delicious offerings, or drop a fifty for a whole two-kilo bucket of that irresistibly creamy marinated goats cheese.

Yep, a whole two kilos of the good shit.

The blessed Meredith goats will be there as well, sooking for a cheeky pat and a scratch behind the ears, which I feel like should be a mandatory thing. You buy the cheese, you thank the goats.

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Keen eyes/Melbourne locals will notice that this is very conveniently on the day that everyone’s headed home after the annual Meredith Music Festival, so what better excuse to take a cheeky detour past the Meredith Dairy warehouse over in Truganina before driving home.

And if you’re not headed out to the ‘Sup for a weekend of dancing and watching the sun both rise and set over the hills, the Meredith Dairy warehouse is an easy half hour’s drive west of the city.

So pack literally nothing in the car (more room for cheese) and head out there for a day in the countryside buying cheap fromage, cuddling the goats, and generally just being out of the big smoke.