Noted Legends Melb Sikhs Drove A Huge 34Hrs To Feed Flood-Affected Communities In NSW

sikh volunteers australia lismore nsw floods

Here’s a morsel of good news in the shit sandwich that is 2022 so far: the Sikh Volunteers who spent countless hours helping Victorians access food while in COVID isolation have arrived in flood-ravaged Lismore to help feed people who have lost their homes.

I just, I can’t. I’m weeping at my desk because this is so unbelievably wholesome.

When the heavy rainfall and devastating floods began to sweep through the northern rivers region in NSW, the volunteer team piled into their vans and began the trip up from Melbourne.

At first, they were aiming to hit Brisbane to cook for affected residents up there. But the group soon realised their help was far more needed in Lismore which was practically underwater.

In the 34 hours (!!!) it took for the Sikh community members to drive from Melbourne to the flood-affected areas, they had locked in an industrial kitchen at the Sikh temple in Woolgoolga to prepare giant pots of curry that would straight up put Scott Morrison‘s bowls of slop to shame.

“We are a team of four now. But more volunteers will be flown in during the coming days when the airports are open,” Jaswinder Singh from Sikh Volunteers Australia told the ABC.

“Volunteering is part of Sikh culture. It gives us a higher purpose and meaning. It doesn’t matter if I don’t sleep for a few days, the feeling I get from helping others is pure peace and calmness.”

This heartwarming act of selflessness and deep generosity comes after the Sikh volunteers were cooking and delivering meals to Melburnians through the lockdowns, who couldn’t access food due to COVID isolation restrictions.

Bless these angels among men. We do not deserve them but good lord do we need them right now. And always, TBH.

So if you’re stuck watching the rising waters unfold from somewhere relatively dry (like me in Melbourne), you could always chuck a few bucks to the Sikh Volunteers so they can continue doing the good shit for people having a hard go of it.