The mark of a good kebab joint is always its perceived exterior dodginess, but it may come as an absolute shock to you all to learn that a kebabery in Melbourne situated directly beneath a CBD train bridge has been slapped with a hefty fine for health code violations. We know, a staggering news burst.

Spencer Pizza Kebab and Cafe, which occupies what is ostensibly a red box beneath the rail tracks on Spencer St, has been hit with a fine in excess of $15,000 for eight breaches of the Food Act for a litany of hygiene-related issues, including failure to store food properly to protect it from pests and contamination.

The kebab shop, which technically sits on Rebecca Walk underneath the bridge, was publicly added to the State Government’s Food Convictions Register after it was summarily hauled over the coals by the Melbourne Magistrates Court late last year.

Inspectors reportedly first visited the Cafe in November of 2016 and found that food prep surfaces were in extremely poor nick, and that equipment used to cook and prepare food was in similarly grotty condition.

Food Inspectors also slapped a $26,000 fine on Chinatown eatery Empress of China for a raft of similar health code issues.

Officials found that that restaurant failed to provide accessible hand washing facilities for staff, and lacked a temperature measuring device to accurately check food with.

Far be it for us to pass judgment on your food choices or anything (lord knows we’ve woken up with some severely questionable leftovers strewn across our chests after a big night out), but even in our darkest hour or deepest need we could probably find our way to do a little better than eating like an actual troll.

But hey, when you’ve gotta kebab, you’ve gotta kebab.

Source: Herald Sun
Image: Google Maps