Sweet Mother Of Gouda, A Melb Hotel Is Doing High Cheese For The Rest Of The Year

Sure, high tea is all well and good if you’re the kind of person who likes to nibble daintily on tiny sandwiches, pretending that you’re some kind of distant relative to the monarchy that’s just important enough to be invited to supper. However, I’m the kind of person who would rather scoff down a platter of cheese.

[jwplayer nsGYSzcb]

After a super successful run earlier this year, High Cheese is returning to The Westin in Melbourne, working once again with Maker & Monger to bring a delicious tower of creamy business to the table daily from 5pm in the Allegro restaurant and in the lobby lounge from 11am on the weekends.

On the menu, which reads like a deeply illegal text and/or a sext that you probably shouldn’t open at work, there’s an assortment of savoury and sweet cheeses, bookended by a gouda scone with whipped spiced beurre noisette butter (French brown butter) and a ricotta cassata cannoli.

Wedged in the middle like a big hunk of the finest fromage include spoils like Marcel Petite Comté Réservation savoury custard tarts, poached french pear with stracciatella, honeycomb and smoked roasted macadamia crumble, and Swiss Gruyere Vieux Gougères with burnt green leek.

Good lord, I can feel my saliva glands going hell for leather just reading all of this.

As it wouldn’t be a high anything without a pot of the best-steeped brew, your tower of cheese is paired with bottomless cups of coffee (if you really just wanna get your guts moving), herbal teas, or hot chocolate.

If you really want to get into the good stuff, the folks at the Westin will happily pair a glass (or bottle) of plonk to your cheeses, and you can splurge and get a glass or two with your high cheese platter.

The last time high cheese landed at the Westin it sold out like zooper doopers at the pool on a hot day, so be proactive, find your best brie-friends and get a seat at the big dairy altar over on the hotel’s website.

If you need me between now and New Years, you know where I’ll be.