PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Extra to treat Melburnian couples to a free date night now that we're back, baby.

We’re back, Melbourne!

I tell ya what, it’s a good time to be in love — to celebrate our super-duper slow return to normalcy, Extra Gum has set up a unique competition that will be giving 100 Melburnian couples a night on the town so we can get back to living, loving, crying and eating at our favourite food joints.

Wait, scratch that, I meant laughing — crying is what we did last week. Sorry, muscle memory.

The good news is that this comp isn’t exclusive to people already in happy relationships. Sure, you loved-up lunatics can of course enter too, but even if you’re planning a first date with some fresh fish from the sea, you can also enter.

All you have to do is text this number (0488 345 345) with the following info: your name, email and the Melbs venue you’re itching to go to.

For example, say hypothetically I wanted to enter the comp, I’d text my name, Mr TallDark McHandsome, my email,, and my venue of choice, which would of course be Revs Dining.

That’s it. That’s genuinely all you have to do.

After you’ve shot off your text, you’ll get an immediate reply saying you’ve entered and if you end up winning one of the $100 Gourmet Traveller digital gift cards, you’ll cop an email with all of the details.

What a great way to get back out there and support all of those local businesses trying to get back on their feet, ey? Into it.

Just a little heads up because it’s been a hot sec since we waded back into the dating pool. Make sure your talking hole is fresh to death – nothing kills a date quite like a strong stench.

So before you leave the house, always remember the following: mask, keys, wallet, phone, underwear, strong-as-hell Extra gum.

Now go forth and date until you drop.

Get in quick though as the comp ends at 11:59pm, Tuesday 15th June.

Image: Social Network