A Bar In Melbourne Has A $100 Hummus That Surely Must Contain Precious Gems

Because everything has an ‘International Day Of…‘ now, it’s International Hummus Day on May 13 and to celebrate the sacred day of the blended chickpea, Melbourne‘s Bar Saracen have created a bowl of the good stuff that goes for $100.

One hundred clams for hummus.

[jwplayer 4FeQmkjm]

As someone who’s partial to buying a kilo of hummus for $7 at the shops purely for eating with carrot sticks and pita bread, dropping a greenback on a fancy serving of hummus is mind-boggling.

But as reported by Broadsheet, it’s more that each part of the hummus is what gives it that luxe price tag.


How do you even improve on greatness? Well it all comes down to what you lovingly adorn it with. For Bar Saracen, this means truffles blended into the sacred chickpea/tahini/garlic/lemon/olive oil recipe, and then crowned with minced marron (fancy crayfish) cooked in saffron butter, caviar from the Yarra Valley, and served with very fancy-schmancy Egyptian pita bread.


If this run-of-the-mill prawn and paprika hummus is anything to go off, the one that’ll set you back a hunj is probably going to knock you backwards off your chair.

Speaking with Broadsheet, Bar Saracen’s co-owner Joseph Abboud explained the processes of figuring out what flavours marry together the best for a silky hummus.

Of course truffle in the hummus goes beautifully. Truffle goes beautifully with marron or crayfish. You can’t deny that saffron in there is amazing and then there’s these little bursts of caviar. It was like, ‘This works, now how much are we going to charge for it? Oh, fuck!’

Excuse me I am already salivating over this. You’ve convinced me. I’ll throw a chunk of change at this hummus, romance it, and then call it back the next day.

If you too wish to smooch the fancy hummus, you can sidle up to the bar at Bar Saracen and order yourself a plate of it for absolutely NO sharing from Tuesday May 14 to Saturday May 18. Go on, treat yourself. You’ve earned it.