Meat Cakes Are Hyping Up And We’re Equal Parts Here For It And Terrified

There’s always someone fucking with cakes. Sometimes it’s good – oh hey, cheese towers:

Sometimes it is bad, like anyone who decided making a liquorice cake was a good idea.

I’m sure some of you will disagree with me on this but you would be wrong – liquorice is the devil’s treat.

Here’s one we’re all a bit 50/50 on – meat cakes.

That right there is arguably the origin of this trend – it’s a meat cake that was created for the premiere of the Amy Sedaris show, At Home With Amy Sedaris. It’s semi meant to be a joke, except now people are getting into it for real, and it looks like it might take over from cheese towers as the new “it” thing to do for your wedding.

Look. Cured meats – life. Absolute life. But for some reason a giant, shaped mound of them makes us feel slightly uneasy. Is it a great idea? The worst idea?

It also veers a bit on the 70’s side – and not really in a good way, in a “we’re one step from solidifying this mound of meat in gelatinous something” kind of way.

That being said, I’m sure all the chic chefs will start getting into the idea and making nice, subtle versions that’ll surely pop up on every wedding blog and website in 2018.

And look, if we’re all honest, there’s never a time that an excess of salami being dumped in front of us is a bad thing.