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As someone who’s aggressively unorganised, I know all too well the need to put measures in places to ensure a somewhat smooth existence. Do they work 100% of the time? No. But they sure as hell help.

It’s been through this navigation of being an absolute potato of a human that I’ve uncovered meal prepping is arguably the greatest concept to be conceived since some genius realised slicing bread would be grouse – and I’m sure you would’ve encountered this realisation too, regardless of whether your mind actively serves as a forgetful impediment to living your best life.

But given its limitations (expiration dates, costs, etc), meal prepping can turn into an extremely boring/repetitive exercise real quick. You need constant exposure to sexier options to add to your rotation so things don’t turn stale. Oh, and wouldn’t it be nice to make something you can share with your housemates too? It’s always a good idea to score brownie points with the folks you, y’know, share a roof with.

Well, we’ve got you sorted. Check out the below video outlining one of the sexiest meal prepping options this humble/hungry writer has ever seen.

How To Meal Prep For All Yr Housemates

Need some sexier options for your meal prep rotation? Get around this big ol’ lamb rump salad.

Posted by on Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Bone apple teeth, fam.