One Lucky Radio Host Got To Actually Try The Fabled McPickle

Here is my single piece of advice for companies brainstorming next year’s April Fool’s Day prank: Don’t make your prank offering something amazing that you will not actually produce. Introducing a good idea to customers before promptly telling them that they cannot have it just doesn’t seem like a good move, to me. Call me crazy.

[jwplayer xs5x3l7T]

If I was one of the highly trained experts working in the top-secret underground McDonald’s bunker when the McPickle was dreamed up as a prank, I would have urged them to add this to the menu for real. I would have made an impassioned plea that we share this beautiful creation with society at-large. But I was not there on that fateful day, and the McPickle will not see the light of day. No one will get to enjoy the fruits of that forbidden burg. No one except 101.3 Sea FM host Daniel ‘Gawndy’ Gawned.

Gawndy was fortunate enough to receive the special, forbidden burg as a birthday treat, commissioned by co-host Ash Pollard from their local Maccas at West Gosford. That lucky son of a bitch.

Is it good? Hard to say. The only comment he makes about the burger is “Wow, that’s a lot of pickles“, which seems more like a frank assessment of the burger’s construction than a judgment of its eatability. But, he does seem to continue eating it after the first bite, without being coerced, which at the very least means that it isn’t disgusting.

Surely, with enough charm and determination on your part, you could convince a sympathetic McDonald’s crew to fashion this burger for you from the base skeleton of a Big Mac. Until then, vicariously experiencing the McPickle through this video is all we have: