Macca’s Is Dropping The Price Of McFlurries To $2 & I Can’t Overstate How Much I’m Lovin’ It

McDonald’s has done us a ‘yuge solid in these trying times by reducing the price of their beloved dessert item, the McFlurry, from $5 to $2.

Cheap as chips fries!

The sick as offer runs from 10.30am until midnight until May 13 across the country, excluding Western Australia and includes all flavours, Mini M&Ms, Oreo Cookies and Cadbury Flake (selected stores).

Staff said not many have taken advantage of the offer, despite it being advertised on television so you’d be wise to jump on it ASAP.

“We always talk about how no-one seems to knows that the $2 McFlurry deal exists,” one worker told

“Considering that they’re normally just under $5, that’s a big saving.”

Just a heads up, mobile delivery and ordering are excluded from the deal, so you’ll have to grab one on your next essential trip.

Ah well, more calories burned means more icecream to indulge in, right?