McDonald’s Now Offering Menu Faves 24/7, Which Means Burgs Before Work

The wretched cries of countless hungover souls have been answered.

McDonald’s has announced some of its premiere fast food goodies, including the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, and even humble fries, are now available nationwide around the clock.

Yep. No longer will your still-drunk self have to wait until the sun comes back up before you go ahead and smash a Quarter Pounder.

In fact, if you felt so inclined, you could go ahead and order like, six of them, right now. Nothing is stopping you, except the crushing weight of societal expectations and your own bank account. Be free! Eat the burg. EAT THE BURG.

The announcement comes after an obviously successful trial period in Tasmania, Victoria, Newcastle, and Adelaide.

If you live in one of those regions and have been needing an explanation for the unexpected but very noticeable uptick in the quality of your life, there you go. It was the ability to crush cheeseburgers whenever you wanted.

McDonald’s is offering its full menu in-store, by drive-through, and via delivery. Unclasp your shackles, comrades. Eat the burg.