Here’s Where MasterChef Australia Fans Can Chow Down A Pressure Test Dish In Real Life

Have your salivary glands been working overtime due to all the tasty dishes being served up on MasterChef Australia 2024? Well, now, you can satisfy those cravings by scoffing down Tuesday night’s pressure test dish in real life!

From July 3, MasterChef fans in Melbourne and Perth can taste a real test for a limited time at Guillaume Brahimi‘s Bistro Guillaume.

On Tuesday night, our remaining MasterChef Australia 2024 contestants will be pushed to their limit through Guillaume Brahimi’s — the Crown’s Culinary Ambassador — pressure test dish.

Brahimi’s dish is an extra AF Royale Of Peas With Duo Of Crab and contestants will need to conjure up five serves within four hours to avoid elimination.

To emphasise how bloody hard this pressure test is, the pressure test features a variety of elements including a succulent Royale of peas with duo of crab, tarragon mayonnaise, caviar (how bougie) and fried mussel.

I can just slurp up those peas like boba!!! (Image source: Supplied)

Did I mention that it needs to be five servings and cooked perfectly within four hours?

Seriously, MasterChef Australia contestants are truly superheroes.

Chef Guillaume coming to serve on MasterChef Australia. (Image source: Supplied)

Actually tasting this extravagant dish IRL is a win for all of our MasterChef baddies in Melbourne and Perth, but as a Sydneysider I am completely DEVO. 

Hopefully, ordering the extravagant dish shouldn’t leave you with a four-hour wait… Hopefully.

Can someone in the PR team send this over? I’m begging!!! (Image source: Supplied)

With each challenge seemingly harder than the next, it appears that we are inching closer towards the MasterChef Australia finale. Unfortunately, Network 10 hasn’t revealed exactly when the big finish will grace the screens.

However, punters reckon that our final two will include Nat and Mimi. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see for the final cook-off because if there’s one thing I know about reality TV is that it’s always packed with unexpected tea.

Image source: 10Play / MasterChef Australia