Behold Mash Ups: A Blessed, Cheesy Combination Of Twisties, Doritos And Cheetos

Have you ever done laps of the supermarket chip aisle, being super indecisive as to what cheesy products your insides crave to consume? Like, has your head ever told you Doritos, while your heart said Twisties and your nether regions screamed Cheetos? Firstly, you’re not alone. Secondly, the Chip Gods™ have well and truly answered your prayers – Mash Ups Cheese was introduced to shelves this week, merging Doritos, Twisties and Cheetos into one salivating packet.

No, your eyes don’t deceive you – the three-way of your hungry dreams has arrived. This trio joining forces is almost as iconic as the time Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Pink teamed up for that ’04 Pepsi commercial. Truly inspiring stuff. We stan.

Check it out, in all its multifaceted glory:

You are divine. Te amo. I worship thee.

This is a stunning idea because I have trust issues when it comes to chips – and basically anything in my life – and get bored super easily when I’m half-way through a packet. This way, you’re constantly mixing it up. Hannah Montana truly wasn’t lying when she promised we’d get the best of both worlds.

According to The Grocery Geek, Mash Ups Cheese is available at Coles, as well as various IGA and independent supermarket stores. The 150g bags are being for sold at $2.99 a pop, so, like, $1 for each respective cheesy type. Not bad at all, hey? I’m imagining these chips will leave shelves just as fast the Caramilks, so I’d hop, skip and run down to your local Coles pronto. Happy inhaling, gang.