After very comfortably carving out a niche in the foodie Venn Diagram of ‘heart-stoppingly good burgers’ and ‘very loud heavy music’ with the Mary St space in Newtown, the team from Mary’s are opening up a pizzeria in the bowels of the Lansdowne Hotel on October 18 to sling you gorgeously chewy dough frisbees until late every damn night.

Keeping the same hours as the gorgeously divey pub – that’s 4pm-2am on school nights and 12pm-2am Fri-Sun – the 12-seater pizzy joint tucked away at the end of the downstairs bar and kitchen offers a range of the shittiest guilty please Detroit-style (square) and New York-style (round) pizzas featuring a range of top-quality meaty and veg topping options.

As expected from the Mary’s ratbags, the menu is extremely not one you’d read out to your Nan. Ranging from the ‘Tropical Fucker‘ with glazed ham, roasted QLD pineapple, red sauce, and cheese-times-three to the ‘Green Fucker‘ featuring ricotta, broccoli, mixed greens and a heap of cheese, right through to the ‘I Got Crabs‘ which, if you hadn’t guessed already, has QLD spanner crab, Calabrian chilli, red sauce, FDL (it’s a cheese), and basil.

If fuck-off big pizzy isn’t your jam for dinner, the menu also offers a range of burgers – a tried and true favourite from the Mary’s kitchens – and a range of snacks including Pizza Pockets. That’s fuckin’ right, prepare to get smacked in the head with memories of lining up at your school’s canteen with those bad boys.

The pizzies are accompanied by a fancy-schmancy wine list curated by Mary’s king of the plonk, Tai Tate, using a bunch of natural vinos from P&V up the road, so you can impress your date or feel a bit spesh when you’re also scoffing down a hefty slice of greasy pizz.

You can book yourself a seat at the table (or around the bar if you want to chew the fat with the kitchen staff) at the Mary’s Pizzeria by calling 0434 816 430 between 2-6pm.

Image: Supplied