Mary’s Is Kicking Down The Doors On A New Beer & Burger Bar On The Rooftop Of A Sydney Pub

As restaurants begin to slowly open up again, the absolute ratbags over at Mary’s have kicked down the doors, flipped the bird to the last few months, and decided to open up a whole new rooftop restaurant in Sydney. It’s not far from their other debaucherous digs in the inner west either; in fact, it’s on top of the Lansdowne Hotel.

Mary’s On Top is the latest burger joint the gang have opened in their ever-expanding kingdom of chaos and deliciously fatty food, and it’s opening the top of the Landy back up for folks who wanna have a feed while feeling on top of the city.

“Its always been sitting there, taunting us with its proximity and promise,” Mary’s Jake Smyth said.

“Now with the world gone crazy, we figured we would match that craziness by opening a fucking venue in the midst of the COVID mess.”

For now, the Lansdowne Hotel itself is still very much closed, so you gotta duck down Knox St to get up to the roof from midday on June 4, when it officially swings the door open.

You can expect all the Mary’s classics up at the rooftop, burgers, chook, cauliflower, mash n gravy, and all the trimmings (hello trashcan bacon) as well as beers and wines curated and expertly picked by the Mary’s plonk connoisseurs.

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Because you’ll be up there all exposed the elements while you hoof down a burger and guzzle a bottle of pet nat, the new Mary’s On Top is 100% weather dependent. There’s no hiding from the rain up there on the rooftop, so if old mate Tim Bailey has predicted some drips and drops on rooftops, the open-air joint will be out of action.

Keep an eye on the Mary’s website and socials to know what the plan is for that day.

And in solidarity with everyone who’s had jobs and salaries cut thanks to COVID-19, Mary’s is doing 30% off the whole menu across all its venues in Sydney and Melbourne from June 4 to 11.

Mary’s On Top at the Lansdowne rooftop will be open from Thursday to Sunday from midday until 10pm, and promises to provide the absolute best views of City Rd in Sydney.