Flex Yr True Crime Muscles & Score $5K By Finding Maltesers’ Missing Bunnies

If you’re the type of person constantly listening to a crime podcast, or checking over your shoulder at every corner to make sure that you’re not living out one of your fave murdery stories, chances are you probs consider yourself somewhat of a sleuth.

And folks, now is the hour of need. We call upon you, the true crime loving souls that you are, to help solve a real-life case. A case of adorable, delicious, regrettably missing bunnies.

They’ve been taken for ransom, and Maltesers is throwing a gigantic hunt that could not only see you solving legit clues and cryptic puzzles, but also winning five thousand bucks (and a bunch of choccies and friends we found along the way).

From today through to Sunday the 21st of April, online and across Sydney and Melbourne, you’ll be able to spot a bunch of cryptic clues in the form of three unique images which together make up a map location – they could be anything. All you’ve gotta do is figure out which three words the images symbolise, and put them into the bunny locator HERE to be given your next clue.

We’ll even start you off – put your sleuth skills to the test and scope out the following three images to figure out exactly where to look for the missing Maltesers bunnies.

C’mon people, Maltesers bunnies are missing here. Is it a hostage situation? Have they been nicked? Kidnapped? Figure it out and you could score five grand, large. You’ve trained for this.

Provided you can solve the first clue, you’ll also be up for one of 100 $10 Coles vouchers so you can pick up some more Maltesers for a cheeky mid-investigation chocolate smash. These are awarded randomly so it’s all down to luck – but what isn’t down to luck is how quickly you can solve the mystery.

Besides, if nothing else it’s a heck of a good reason to indulge in some choccies early. It may not be Easter just yet, but we are READY.

T&C’s apply.