Folks, if you haven’t heard about it already, allow me to introduce you to Make-Out Meals. It’s a subscription service delivering bougie meal kits to your door. These aren’t your average meal kits though, ‘cos they’re packed with just about everything you need to whip up your favourite dishes from Melbourne’s top restaurants.

Whether you’ve run out of things to cook mid-week, or you just want to treat yourself to some GOOD FOOD, Make-Out Meals is a fab way to whip up a hearty meal at home. They’ve linked up with places like Fancy Hanks (!), Bomba (!!), and Tipico (!!!), so you know it’s going to be a great eat.

As an aside, the team just added the poisson du marche from bloody Entrecôte to its line-up. YUM.

Make-Out Meals – thank you so much – was super kind to send me some goodies to try out. Happy to report making Tipico’s mussel fettuccine is CHEF’S KISS, especially when you’re the one making it. I felt like a bloody MasterChef contestant.

I made that!!!

Just make sure you have some basic knowledge around the kitchen (or live with someone who does) and you’ll be set.

Every week, Make-Out Meals will give you the opportunity to choose from 12 different recipes from Melbourne restaurants. The roster is constantly changing, which means more food to try.

Although it’s mainly a subscription service, you can also purchase a one-time box if you just want to suss things out/have a cute date night.

For this yarn, let’s focus on the one-time box for two people, which will set you back $89.

The box comes with three meals, and you can choose between vegetarian, pescatarian, or no dietary requirements.

You can order a one-off box as many times as you want, by the way.

Once you order a box, expect fresh ingredients with a storage life of at least four days from delivery. You know what that means? Mid-week fancy meals. A little hump day treat for you and yours. Just make sure you put the meal bags into the fridge ASAP after delivery. Ingredients for each recipe are packed into separate paper bags, so no stress there.

Most importantly though, the ingredients come with precious RECIPE CARDS you can use to follow along. I can 14/10 confirm the recipe cards are a) easy to read and follow and b) not flimsy. I got sauce all over my card and it survived.

Apart from the box’s contents, you’ll also need basic cooking stuff like pots, pans, and utensils, as well as basic pantry items including salt and pepper, sugar, vinegar, butter, and cooking oil.

Orders cut-off every Friday and the team deliver each Tuesday, between 8am and 6pm.

Learn everything else you need to know about Make-Out Meals right HERE.