McDonald’s Is Trialling A Vegan Burger & You’ll NEVER Guess What It’s Named

Cards on the table here: A Big Mac with the beef patties substituted for hash browns is a godly treat worthy of royalty. The combination of Mac Sauce and fried potato is borderline life-altering, and its healing powers are so great that it can slay even the most demonic of hangovers with ease.

Regardless, vegans have long been largely shut out of the Golden Arches, reduced to gorging on fries and Frankenstein-ing menu items to the point of bare recognition.

But if that’s a running agony in your life, then boy do we ever have some good news, and also some less good news, for you.

The good news is that McDonald’s is officially trialling a vegan friendly burger called the ah… well, the McVegan. Some formulas you just don’t mess with.

The burger is everything you’ve come to expect in a good old fashioned Macca’s burg, except with a soy-based patty doing all the heavy lifting. Everything else – lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard – it’s all Ronald’s House of Flavour 101, baby. The good stuff.

That’s the good news.

The slightly less good news is that if you’re absolutely fangin’ to wrap yr laughing gear around the supercharged salad sanga, you’re gonna have to make a bit of a trek.

The burger is temporarily available in one solitary town. And it’s in Finland.

Even worse still, it’s only available until November 21st.

But that said, if you happen to be cruising through Scandinavia and are in dire need of a meat-and-dairy-free pick-me-up after a big night Helsinking bulk piss, the town of Tampere is just a mere 2 hour drive from the Finnish capital. Hell, it ain’t even that far away from Stockholm either. It’s Europe, for sod’s sake. Everything’s close.

See? It’s practically right in the backyard.

Cross yr fingers and hope Maccas brings the McVegan out here at some point, but until then remember this: There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved by hash browns.