Macca’s Is Offering Free Weekend Delivery Until June, So Fill Me With Nuggs & Call Me Ronald

We’ve all ordered Macca’s on UberEats to satisfy our cravings (however they may be induced), only for half of the bill to be the delivery charge.

But times are changing, because Macca’s is now offering free delivery on UberEats orders for every weekend until the end of June. June!

For those keeping track, the offer first came about last month. But now we have confirmation they’re extending it for the next two months and honestly, it’s about time we had some good news like this.

That means we have eight whole weekends where we can lay catatonic at the end of an iso-bender, knowing full-well that our Big Macs arrive safely without burning a hole in our wallets.

“We know our customers enjoy having their Macca’s delivered contact-free straight to their door, and that our recent free delivery promotion has been a hit with our fans,” said McDonald’s Australia Head of Home Delivery Jen Evans.

“We’re excited to announce that starting this Friday, we’re extending our free delivery offer.”

The only catch is that orders must be $25 or more to cop free delivery. $25 worth of nuggs sounds like just what the doctor ordered, tbh.

You could also get two Big Mac meals plus two McFlurrys. Or, for those with refined tastes among us, you could order yourself five whole Fillets-O-Fish. Yum.

To redeem the offer, just punch in the promo code posted on the Macca’s Facebook page each week.

This time around, we’ll save you a click: this week’s code is MACCAS2U

I most certainly am lovin’ it.