It’s time, another new McFlurry flavour is landing in your local Macca’s from tomorrow. But instead of some kind of smushing together of apple pie and ice cream, or banana bits, or something expected, Macca’s is bringing flavours from across the ditch to Aussie menus – a Cookie Time McFlurry.

The tastiest snack from New Zealand aside from Taika Waititi is being incorporated into a delicious dessert from the famed golden arches, with the brand-spankin’ new Cookie Time McFlurry featuring yum choccy chip cookie folded through the beloved Macca’s ice cream, with hot fudge all swirled through too.

It looks like this, which has got to be illegal in some states, right?

cookie time mcflurry macca's

The new McFlurry flav will pop up on UberEats from Wednesday, February 24 (that’s tomorrow, FYI) and stick around exclusively on there for a week, before landing on menus in stores from March 3, for those who prefer a cheeky Macca’s run after dinner.

Cookie Time McFlurry will only be here for a good time, not a long time too, with the limited-edition sweet treat yeeting back off the menu at the end of April.

We haven’t been given a firm price on the new flav, but I suspect it’ll be the same as every other McFlurry on the menu – so will set you back a tasty $5.15 a pop.

And if you’ve never experienced a Cookie Time cookie (or you haven’t been around a New Zealander long enough for them to drool about them), just take a look at the crumbly, yummy perfection that is the chocolate chunk cookie.

For those of you with NZ mates who might be missing home after the last 12 months of not being able to get back there to enjoy the country’s finest treats (L&P, weird Whittaker’s flavours or Burger Fuel, for example), it’s your civic duty as a good mate to give them the heads up that NZ is coming to them for a while.

I can’t wait to immediately give myself a choc-chip-flavoured brain freeze with one of these damn ice creams.

Image: Supplied