Macca’s Canada Is Getting Roasted For Their ‘Aussie’ But Not Aussie Burger 

Meanwhile, McDonald’s Canada is getting chomped on after they released a new burger by the name of “Aussie BBQ and Egg” burger. It’s a part of the limited edition “World Taste Tour” and promises customers they’ll be “in for a g’day”. 

Trying to be punny or don’t know “g’day” means hello? You decide.

The burger consists of “100% Canadian beef topped with a fresh cracked egg, crispy beet chips, cheese, leaf lettuce, and a smoky BBQ sauce on a brioche-style bun.” 


So then @McDonaldsCanada went ahead and tweeted a quality promo video for the new burger and then my favourite twitter reaction of the year happened.

For context: punters were confused about the whole thing so Macca’s tried to explain how the burgers are Australian (rather than well, Australian themed):

Credit: Twitter

It’s just so beautiful.

And then a number of Aussies got involved revealing just how deeply we care about our sacred burgers:

Credit: Twitter

One user was rather perplexed by the beet chips writing “WTF are beet chips? We don’t eat those in Australia! You need to put beetroot SLICES on that bad boy. Maybe add a slice of canned pineapple.” 

Check out this helpful lad:

You can feast your eyes on the promo, below:

Despite the hate, some Canadian locals thought the Aussie burger was the best of the bunch and gave it high praise on Twitter. The other contenders were the Chinese Szechuan Burger and the Pesto Italian Burger, both worthy adversaries.

Anywhoo, lots of odd things are happening in that part of the world right now because just like week Intense Pickled Flavour Doritos resurfaced on the web – a product enjoyed and only available in Canada. I, hater of pickles, am not too fussed about that latter fact.

Have a g’day and night everyone.