There was once a point in my life where I used to keep all my empty booze bottles with the intention that I’d use them to decorate my sharehouse. Maybe shove some candles in wine bottles for ~moody ambience~ or put some flowers in the top of a drained tequila bottle. Coloured sand? Glitter?? Whatever my crafty ideas were, it all kinda just ended up with me looking a bit like a sad boozehound. But now I’m reconsidering because I really want to put this bougie-ass vodka bottle on display in my house, ‘cos it looks like a fucken huge diamond.

Seriously, look at this thing. It’s stunning and I want to 1. drink from it and 2. propagate plants in it.

elegance vodka crystal bottle home decor

The bougie-ass bottles come from Elegance Vodka – an Australian-made spirit, distilled from Barossa Valley chardonnay grapes and Aussie spring water. It’s previously scored gold at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition in 2019.

But most importantly, it looks so bloody good as a bottle, I’d want to keep it forever.

I mean, come on.

elegance vodka crystal bottle home decor
[Image: Supplied]
You could put this up in your house without the fear of being labelled cheugy as hell. Just imagine a wonderfully healthy Devil’s Ivy just cascading out of that on a mantlepiece, or maybe refilling it with another bottle of vodka so you can keep pouring drinks from a giant diamond like the bougie-on-a-budget binch you truly are.

Bottles of these Elegance Vodka just popped up on sale over at the BevMart website, and will set you back $99. A shave under a hundy for a bottle that actually looks nicer than your bog standard Grey Goose, or that Crystal Skull one that I absolutely used to collect.

So if I come round to your house and I see you’ve got one of these proudly on display in the middle of the lounge room instead of tucked away in the booze cupboard above the fridge where everyone’s alcohol lives, I won’t pass any judgement.

These bougie as fuck bottles look good, and yes I absolutely want one to put some bullshit expensive variegated indoor plant cuttings into. Fancy bottles deserve equally as bougie fancy plants.

Image: Supplied