Melbourne Croissant Kings Lune Are Opening A Store In Brisvegas And I’m Already Salivating

The ultimate-croissant King, Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne, is about to bring that flaky, delicious-goodness to Brisbane (or Brisvegas, if you will).

The new flagship store will open in Winter 2021 and will be situated in South Brisbane. There’s also a Sydney store on the way, but the developer’s timeline has been set back due to COVID.

“You may have heard whispers of Lune launching north of the border…” they wrote on Instagram.

“We’ve been dying to officially talk about it, but we wanted to make sure the lease was signed and it was a done deal before announcing it.

“So, without further ado, we are incredibly excited to announce that in Winter 2021 Lune will be opening a flagship

“We’ve spent the past 2 days in Brisbane on site, meeting with the developers and architects, and we can’t wait to share the plans with you.

“Brisbane – your vibe is amazing!! The food and beverage scene is absolutely going off up there, and we cannot wait to bring Lune to you!!

“Bring on 2021 – exciting times ahead!!!”

Lune’s croissants are world famous because they are so freakin’ delicious. I imagine that when I pass away and edge closer towards the light, an Angel holding a Lune croissant will be there to greet me into the after life.

I mean just look at these delicious-boys.

Those who have started a diet during lockdown better look away.

They are so esteemed that even The New York Times called the croissants “the finest you will find anywhere in the world.” Now that’s pretty impressive, because you know? France also ~exists~.

Lune started out as a tiny store in Elwood in 2021 and before long expanded to a Fitzroy and CBD store. So it’s really come such a long way since it’s humble beginnings.

Brisbane really just went from Brisvegas to Brisparis (ok, that’s so lame. I’m just going to run away now)