Sydney Institution Chargrill Charlie’s Is Staking Out A Claim In Melbourne

Yeah, g’day Melbourne, it’s looking like that much like a bunch of Sydney folk who eventually end up moving down, more of our famed eateries are on the way to your fine, southern city. This time, it’s a Syd institution that’s been in the NSW capital for 30-odd years – Chargrill Charlie’s.

[jwplayer 7ITt9Ari]

Hot on the heels of the late-night grub lords Mr. Crackles setting up shop on Bourke St (much to the delight of our Melbourne editor, Cam Tyeson, who had a near breakdown at the news), the chicken pals are very likely going to open up the first Victorian store in the east, out in Camberwell.

Real estate group Fitzroys have released crucial information about the lease of a big ol’ space on Prospect Hill Rd to the Chargrill Charlie’s team, who have 10 stores and 30 years of history in Sydney.

Lemme tell ya, these are probably the creme-de-la-creme of our finest fast food that actually tastes bloody fantastic. And now YOU’RE getting them, Melbourne. You lucky shits.

Wait why don’t I ever look this hot while I’m shoving chippies in my face on a hungover Sunday afternoon what the fuck?

We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening, and when/if Chargrill Charlie’s is genuinely gracing Melbs with its delish burgs and chippies that are so good it’s like they were carved from potatoes by God herself.