Lizzo Told Us About A Cheese-Dipped Burger In Sydney & We Tracked It Down

Every day we inch closer to the moment that the queen herself – Lizzo – touches down in Australia for her FOMO Festival run, and it turns out that something she’s really keen to tuck into while over here is a cheese-dipped burger from Sydney’s north-west.

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PEDESTRIAN.TV caught up with Lizzo in L.A. recently, and while chatting about her first-ever shows down here for our frankly-torturous summer, she said that she’s got a keen eye on a burger joint, where you can literally dip your burg into a bowl of gooey, molten cheese.

Y’all got this burger place, where you dip the burgers in cheese, have you seen that shit?

Bro, it’s like, y’all got truffle burgers and you dip it in–it’s like crazy novel. I think y’all are tryna like get Americans to come over and eat that.

So we did the leg work for you and found exactly where you can cop this heart-stopping burger because it frankly sounds like pure, unadulterated food heaven.

The dippy-burg is the monster creation straight from the minds of Burger Point in Marsden Park and Wentworth Point, which offers the cheese dip for an extra $5 on top of your order.

Jesus H Christ, this is just straight-up porno. Sorry, I should have 100% put an NSFW tag on these cheese-dipped burger videos.

I can totally understand why Lizzo is obsessed with these cheese-dipped burgers because now I am too. I wish to get the burg, dippy the burg, and then promptly slip into a food coma immediately after eating the burger.

I mean it’s National Cheeseburger Day on September 18, so what better reason to dip a hefty burg into a pool of goopy cheese? Well, that and “because Lizzo loves it”?

Check out our whole chat with ya girl Lizzo below, which includes her waxing lyrical about “goin’ off like a frog in a sock.”

Also, Lizzo throwing the shakas is 110% my mood for summer, hell yeah.