Wash and dry your best snacky pants, clear some space in the fridge, and stock up on Jatz and/or Savoys, because there’s some new limited edition dips that have popped up in the fridge section at your local shops. And yes, there’s cheeseburger one among these dips. That exists now.

Black Swan has unleashed a cheeky range of fancy dips, honouring a bunch of comfort-food meals like souvlaki and cheeseburgers. Oh hell yeah this is the good shit, my friends.

Three new dips are in the ‘What The Dip?’ range – smashed avo with edamame, creamy garlic souvlaki, and cheeseburger – bringing the best of eating out to your next cheeseboard and snack platter.

You could almost do a whole day of meals with the three avo, souva and cheeseburger dips, hey. Start your ~day~ with the smashed avo like you’re sitting at a café with a $20 plate of the good green gunk on a hunk of sourdough, move to a greasy cheesy-b for dinner, before hitting the tins and rounding it out with a cheeky 2am souva on the way home, heavy on the garlic sauce. I love it, and I want to have all of these flavours in and around my mouth immediately.

The souva and smashed avo dips are vegetarian-friendly, but the cheeseburger one does have cooked beef mince in it – just a heads up there before you go hoofing the dips down.

These limited edition dippies are available from your local Coles for a very tidy $4.30, so that’s your next lot of iso snacks sorted. You’re welcome.

Image: Black Swan