The World’s Largest Avocado Has Been Crowned & Holy Moly, That’s A Lot Of Avo Smash

A 2.55-kilo avocado grown by a Hawaiian family has officially been crowned as the world’s heaviest by the Guinness World Records. Brunch is officially quaking.

Kahului residents Mark, Juliane and Loihi Pokini picked the gobsmackingly ginormous avo from their own avocado tree back in December, with the Guinness World Records’ offical approval arriving in the mail just this week.

“This avo was about the size of my 12-year-old son’s head,” Juliane told Hawaii News Now.

Don’t believe her? Take a look at the glorious, baby-sized beast of a fruit below.

Image: Juliane Pokini

Not ones to let the avocado go to waste, the Pokinis eventually opened the bad boy up to create a hefty batch of guac for the community. “We cut it open and made a whole bunch of guacamole, sharing with family and friends,” Juliane said, speaking with Maui News. “It fed a lot of people. We even gave some away.”

According to Maui News, the same tree – which is 10 years old and stands at around 20 feet – produced an avocado that weighed roughly 2.46 kilos earlier in 2018.

Harvesting season is in December, so you bet they’re keeping an eye out for human baby-sized avos from that same blessèd tree.

“This December, we’re going to be watching,” Mark Pokini told the publication. “I’m still going to be watching the tree.”

Congratulations to the Pokini family. BRB, going to get some avo smash. I’m starving.

Source: Guinness World Records