Do Yourself A Solid & Make This Delish Lamb Backstrap Dish For Dins Tonight

Without going off on too much of a self-indulgent rant about the first-world issues in my life (‘cos I’m sure you really couldn’t give a crap), there’s a reoccurring problem plaguing my existence of late. Actually, it’s been doing my head in for yonks now – and that being said, there’s a large chance what I’m referring to is a bothersome affair for you as well.

I’m talking about the perpetual questioning of, “What should I have for dinner?”. There is NOTHING worse than dinner-time dread. Like, even if I sat around all day watching any given series that Nigella Lawson‘s been involved with, I highly doubt I’d be able to have an answer to that question come 7PM. But you’re likely a much more switched-on human than I. If you’re exposed to something delicious looking, then perhaps you’ll do the sensible thing and hop right onto making it.

So, in an attempt to end the madness that is evoked by wondering what your next meal should be, I’d like to bring your attention to one of the most bangin’ dishes to have ever existed.

Thi Le, co-owner/head chef of Richmond’s Anchovy, is quite literally a star on the rise. She’s been scoring awards left, right and centre – and deservingly so. Her food is what the kids would call ‘off bone’.

Le has shared with us her drool-inducing take on a lamb backstrap recipe ft. jungle spice, and if you’re not sold on making this for dinner, then you should probably reevaluate your entire existence. Jokes. You’re doing great in life and should persevere in fighting the good fight of living in 2017. But like, this thing looks goooooooooooood.

Check out the video below for the blow-by-blow and ingredients:

That, random human of the internet, is going to be the best dinner you’ve had in a long time.