PSA: Krispy Kreme Stores Will Give You A Free Donut On Halloween If You Show Up In Costume

Krispy Kreme free donut halloween

Hello my spooky little shits, I have some exciting news that’ll make you wanna skreme: Krispy Kreme is giving out a free donut to people who come in store wearing a Halloween costume, so it’s time to get your freak on. Literally. Wear a freak.

Krispy Kreme is going all spooky for Halloween as it does every year, with a festive range of donuts and even a shake to mark the occasion, as well as a freebie because Halloween is really just spooky Christmas, isn’t it?

Yes, I said freebies — for those of you who are bothered (which I expect to be all of you because quite frankly there are few things I wouldn’t do for free food), Krispy Kreme is offering one (1) free Original Glazed donut to anyone who shows up, in a physical Krispy Kreme store (drive-thru inclusive!) in full costume on Halloween — that is, on Sunday 31 October.

Which is easy if you are like me and already look like a witch 99% of the time. But if you’re more of the ~perfect~ type, you can try this $10 Nadia Bartel costume instead.

As part of Halloween festivities, Krispy Kreme is also doing a range of spooky treaties.

There are three new festive, limited edition donuts, which I have already tried and tested that are available for Halloween: Skully, Spiderweb and Mummy.

Krispy Kreme's halloween limited edition donut range

Skully is a choc malt crème-filled donut, and it’s topped with red truffle (I don’t actually know what truffle is tbh but it tastes like white chocolate to me), and sprinkled with some chocolate cookie crumbs, which is all brought together by a Belgian white choc skull perched on the top of its little red head.

Mummy, the second donut, has a raspberry jam filling which literally drips down your chin like blood, and it’s topped with purple truffle, white chocolate eyes and icing bandages. Also it’s my fave because it’s so fucking cute. Look at its silly face!! Look at it!!

Spiderweb, the last Halloween donut, is an Original Glazed® dipped in chocolate ganache finished with a white choc truffle web design.

Oh, and there’s also the Graveyard shake, which sounds like some kind of silly dance I would have learnt at school, but is actually a choccie milkshake.

The donuts are already available in-store via drive-thru and online via click and collect at Krispy Kremes, and you’ll be able to grab them from 7-Eleven stores from 27 October.