PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Krispy Kreme to celebrate the launch of their new online delivery light that'll get you free delivery this week.

If I’m completely honest, I’m here for any and all offers that can be snapped up without me having to get changed into actual, respectable clothing.

Krispy Kreme
 are flogging free delivery for online orders from today, you’ve just gotta keep your eyes and mouths peeled for the Delivery Light on their site.

Anyone who appreciates a good Original Glazed (hello, it me) is familiar with the iconic Hot Light that acts as a signal / beacon / call to arms that hot doughnuts are being made in store now. The Delivery Light is basically the same concept. If it’s lit on the Krispy Kreme website then you’re getting an equally lit deal (i.e. delivery straight to your door).

And like, will this Delivery Light be live throughout? This week, yes, but thereafter it will be flicking on and off for last-min sales. You’re gunna have to hit refresh like it ain’t no thang. Basically, if the light’s on then good stuff be happening.

You’ve got until 5pm on August 14th to snap this free delivery up. Just check the website HERE to see if they deliver to your area and get ordering that goodness HERE.