Kmart Is Selling Sausage Roll Makers For $29 & I Will 100% Mow Mums Down For This

Now that we’ve probably hit a peak of the number of cursed recipes created in pie makers over the country, Kmart has unleashed a new toy for kitchen hackers and FM mums to wild out over. Cheap sausage roll makers, which is selling out like nobody’s business.

For a ripe sum of $29, you too can open Pandora’s Box of recipes to whip together in a  sausage roll machine. They say it’s a long way to the shop, but with one of these bad boys at home, you don’t have to travel far for a sausso roll any more.

The sausage roll makers cook four (4) rolls at a time, which is just enough for you and your housemates to try and create the best sausage roll-adjacent treat for judging. I don’t know about you, but when I look at this thing and the kind of rolls it produces, all I can think of is trying to recreate Macca’s apple pies in it. Pretty sure that’s an achievable thing I can do here.

kmart sausage roll machine
Look at this and tell me you don’t see apple pies.

Honestly, I give this like three days before FB Mum groups come up with some recipes that read like they’re probably not fit for consumption. I’m so excited to see what people do with this thing.

Kmart stans have clearly had the jump on this one because it’s extremely sold out online, so if you’re out for a weekly shop and can pop into your local Kmart, have a peep and see if they have the sausage roll makers on the shelves.

Then make some wild creations and share your recipes with the rest of us, I wanna see what wild shit you all come up with in isolation. I think I might attempt apple pies, because I just cannot stop thinking about them.