Kings Cross Hotel’s New Rum Cocktail Can Be Concocted At Home In Precisely 2 Steps

Kings Cross Hotel

You’ve heard Australian officials: Get. On. The. Beers.

I’m assuming ol’ mate Andrews was using the term ‘beers’ loosely, as there are plenty of bevs you can get on that isn’t golden yeasty goodness (but more on that later).

Pubs and patrons around Australia have received the message loud and clear, so now it’s all systems go. Flock, my pretties, flock to the pubs.

In honour of our collective Get Out Of Jail Free cards, we’re showing some love to local joints we hold near and dear to our hearts.

This time around, we’ve set our sights on Kings Cross Hotel – a true icon, up there with our rotating door of Prime Ministers, that Simpsons episode where they make fun of our toilets and spiders in our shoes.

Kings Cross Hotel has been a staple in Aussie culture for yonks and now they’re upping the ante with a new pop-up bar called Tupu’s Tiki Rooftop Rumshack.

As the name suggests, we’re putting the beers on ice for a hot sec and focusing our sights on rum, a festive choice for a festive occasion. What do you think they put in eggnog? Exactly, Santa‘s a fiend.

Take a squiz at just one of the Bacardi-infused bevs they’ll be sliding down the bar:

For those who get distracted during videos easily, the recipe is also laid out for your convenience below.

Loves Mambo: 

  • 45ml x Bacardi Spiced
  • 15ml x Bacardi Carta Blanca
  • 15ml x sugar syrup
  • 15ml x passionfruit puree
  • 30ml x pineapple juice

Chuck in the ingredients and then just give it all a solid shakey-shake.

You know what pairs nicely with Love Mambo’s sugar, Kings Cross Hotel’s spice and drinks served thrice? A banger of a playlist to get you so amped for the pub you’ve already mentally checked out on a Tuesday.

What an end to the year, team. See ya down at the pub.

Pls be 18+ and drink responsibly.