KFC Is Bringing Back Cult-Fave Zinger Pie Just In Time For Yr Footy Finals Feast

It’s barely been seen since it was launched back in 2013, but KFC has revealed it’ll be bringing back the cult-fave Zinger Pie this month, just in time for finals footy fever and all associated feasting. Name a better duo than ‘footy’ and ‘searingly hot pie’, I dare you.

[jwplayer T1cbVUSm]

After a very brief run in South Aus earlier this year, the Zinger Pie – with its flaky crust filled with tongue-tingling chicken and that god-damned perfect gravy which I assume is made by wizards – will make its comeback to most stores across Australia. And if you can’t pry yourself away from the game for a hot minute (or can’t get away at half time) you’ll be able to order it online through Deliveroo and Menulog as well.

Legit it’s been so long since the Zinger Pie was on menus across the country that the last time we met, Big Brother was still on TV and they were using it as a bargaining tool/secret reward in the Diary Room. And Ed Lower took the bait; hook, line, and sinker.


Back on the menu from Tuesday, September 3 to the end of the month, the Zinger Pie will probably walk itself out the door. I can assure you that all 176 people in the ‘Bring Back The KFC Zinger Pie’ Facebook group are going to be stoked as all hell about this.

Oh, and this one bloke who texted his sister about it with zero context last year.


The people have spoken, and the Colonel has listened. The big crusty boy returns.

Get around like a chicken pie this month, if that’s your jam, cos the Zinger Pie will be gone again before you know it.