KFC Weddings Are Now A Thing, If You’re Keen On Preserving The Sanctity Of Marriage

In news that’s bound to put a zinger in your step, KFC has announced that it’s offering 6 lucky Australian couples a KFC-themed wedding service, because nothing screams love like the smell of a deep frier and Colonel Sanders’ hunky face peering over your shoulder.

[jwplayer 4kXAl7Lo]

“[The wedding package] will include a KFC themed wedding celebrant,” their website states, “KFC themed photo booth so guests can treasure the memories of the big day, KFC themed music entertainment and Kentucky Fried Chicken we know you love served by our Food Truck in custom KFC buckets.”

I’m crying at the thought of a KFC celebrant and entertainment setup. What more could a gal want.

To apply, fill out this application before the 18th October. In the application you’ll have to say why you think you deserve a finger-lickin’ wedding in 200 words or less.

Maybe impress them with a haiku, like:

Nothing pleases me,
My fiancé does sometimes,
Chicken feeds my soul.

Am I a modern-day Shakespeare? Me thinks yes.

Anyhoo, applicants must be ready to tie the knot between October and May next year, so no cold-feet thank you very much.

If you aren’t one of the fortunate winning couples, their catering service is also a thing.

I guess it’s time to propose to all my Tinder matches now.