A lot of you are probably gonna react to this with disgust and outrage, lamenting yet another blow to the crusade of bodily health or a sign that the American quest for excess has hit a critical mass of gluttony. But my take on it is simple: Nothing matters, everything dies, fill me full of butter and sink me into the sea. To wit, KFC in the United States has revealed they are road-testing a chicken sandwich where the buns are donuts and it looks disgusting and not normal and there’s a special wing in my arteries where I want it to go on permanent exhibit.

The Colonel’s Chook Depository is taking their new “chicken and doughnuts” menu on the road in some 40 American locations throughout the Virginian cities of Richmond and Norfolk, as well as the steel city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

On the new menu is a chicken sandwich featuring a fried chicken fillet shoved betwixt two vanilla glazed donuts.

Bloody… get in me. Go on then. In ya pop. Into the tum tum.

The other menu option on the go is the slightly less efficient basket of chicken tenders/chook on the bone with one or two doughnuts on the side. I’m not here to tell you how to do you business, but anything in a sandwich is better than anything not in a sandwich. So go with your quivering heart.

To assuage any fears of rapidly-staling doughnuts patiently sitting in the drawer hard up against a half-squashed bag of dinner rolls, the doughnuts will apparently be re-fried to-order at restaurants, with cooks dipping them into the fryer for a hot second before hitting them with a vanilla icing glaze on the spot to avoid any hockey puck-like situations.

A press release announcing the glorious combination asserted that KFC was running the test to see if the American market was “craving chicken and doughnuts on a national scale.”

Hey, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Image: Twitter