Kellogg’s LCMs. Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

Remember pulling out these sugary abominations from your lunchbox during recess, and being the envy of every other kid that just had sliced apples or a packet of chips to snack on?

Since they only had a one star health rating, they were very much a little treat I was only occasionally permitted to have, and a commodity that was regularly bartered for between eight-year-olds at my primary school. In my experience, they were a symbol of status, coolness even, because children are fucking weird.

Basically, they were the shit.

Why, you may ask, am I bringing up these delicious childhood treaties that I haven’t had in yonks? Why now, at such an odd hour? Well, because up until today, I’d never actually thought about the acronym behind LCMs. And turns out, the answer is disappointing as fuck.

I’ve heard the usual guesses — Light Crispy Morsels or Little Crunchy Munchies. There’s an entire Reddit thread discussing the potential phrases this acronym could depict.

I actually thought the latter was the proper definition. When I read it online, I assumed it to be the uncontested truth. Until today.

Unfortunately for me, I was exposed to the actual definition of LCMs in a casual work chat. And now it’s ruined my day.

According to the official Kellogg’s website’s answer to this long-held mystery, LCMs… doesn’t stand for anything. It is literally meaningless.

“The truth is it doesn’t actually stand for anything at all,” Kellogg’s says in a FAQ.

“We wanted to find a name that was catchy and a bit different and LCMs seemed to hit the mark. We wish we had a better story for you, but we just liked the way the letters sounded together!”

Go girl, give us nothing.