To celebrate hitting 21 years in the ice cream biz, Timboon Fine Ice Cream has added some special flavours to its selection for a limited time, including one particularly intriguing Karen-flavoured number which is sure to make your tastebuds want to speak to the manager.

The Ice Creamery, which is located in Timboon, Victoria are launching three Covid-inspired flavours which visitors can get their tongues into from October 21st. 21 is the magic number here folks.

The new flavours will be ‘The Karen from Briiiighton’, ‘Same Same, but Sourdough’ and ‘The Tipsy’, to celebrate three things that have become popular in the year of our holy virus, 2020: Karens, baking bread, and drinking.

Bitter orange marmalade balanced by creamy vanilla will make up the exceptionally titled Karen-flavoured ice cream dedicated to our favourite North Face jacket-wearing queen. Truly nothing is more perfect than making an ice cream inspired by Karens fill your mouth with a bitter taste. Très iconic.

Meanwhile the ‘Same Same, but Sourdough’ will be an oven-baked caramelised sourdough crumb folded through a creamy vanilla, which sounds absolutely insane and I would like 21 in my belly right now plz.

Lastly, ‘The Tipsy’ will be made with a Grampians Estate Shiraz reduction swirled through vanilla bean ice cream. This one is brilliantly described as being in honour of “the lifesaver of the group that helped parents survive online teaching.”

Hit me up with all three flavours pls and thank.

“Many birthdays look a little different this year and we wanted to have fun with ours. We hope our new Covid-inspired flavours will bring a smile to ice cream lovers everywhere!” said Dairy farmer and founder of Timboon Fine Ice Cream, Tim Marwood.

“Our ice cream is churned with milk directly from the neighbour’s farm, cream fresh from our local dairy, more local ingredients… and love. It’s what makes our ice-cream a true ice cream experience.”

“We’ve seen quite the revolution in ice cream and gelato over the years. The key learning really is about the appreciation our customers have for us using real farm-fresh ingredients.

The new Covid flavours will be available to try and purchase from October 21st at Timboon’s Fine Ice Creamery, so see you all with a Karen in your hand.