Kanye West Sent A Melb Burger Joint A Cease & Desist For Using His Albums To Sell Grub

kanye west melbourne burger restaurant college dropout

A burger restaurant in Melbourne’s north-east had to completely re-launch its look after Kanye West had his lawyers threaten the owners with legal action over its entire aesthetic.

College Dropout Burgers in Ivanhoe — which opened in mid-2021 — was handed a cease and desist letter from the rapper’s legal team for using images and references to Ye and his 2004 album College Dropout in its signage, menu and promotional materials.

The burger joint released a PSA post on Instagram in early June confirming it would be relaunching its “identity” in the coming weeks.


“College Dropout Burgers will no longer reference or be inspired by Ye (fka Kanye West),” the post read.

“We announce the removal of all references to Ye (fka Kanye West), following the instructions and concerns from Ye, Mascotte Holdings Inc. along with his legal representatives.”

The burger joint also said it plans to continue trading as College Dropout Burgers, but is taking down the crowned bear logo, removing any song and album references and destroying or altering any “inspired artwork of murals”.

Apparently, Ye has been lurking around the eatery’s Instagram Stories this week, too. The owners posted up a series of screenshots on Insta, proving he’s keeping an eye on them as they rip down all their signs and refresh their entire look.


College Dropout Burgers’ menu — which has to be renamed following the legal threats — included items like “Parties In L.A.”, “Graduation”, “Saint Pablo”, “Cruel Summer”, “Gold Digger” and “Gorgeous”.

The team is currently working on renaming the entire menu so there’s no trace of Ye in its details.

Who would have thought this was going to happen after Ye followed the Melbourne burger joint on Instagram back in September 2021? Not them, that’s for sure.

The devil works hard, Kris Jenner may work harder but hot damn Kanye West works the hardest and fastest out of everyone.