Kahlúa Espresso Martini Tins Have Been Recalled So Don’t Accidentally Sling Yr Nan A Cold One

Bad news if you’re a milky-coffee-alcohol fan (no judgement here) who’s stocked up on pre-mixed beveraginos for Easter. There’s been a recall of the Kahlúa Espresso Martinis sold in those cute little tins.

The crime? Except for being milky alcohol? They’ve been mislabelled with the wrong alcohol content.

If you grabbed some of these delightful little tinnies from Dan Murphy’s or BWS be warned. The Kahlúa Espresso Martinis have an alcohol content of 7%. But on the tins the alcohol content has been printed as just 4.5%.

God fear any pour soul who accidentally gives one of these secretly strong bevvies to Nanna at Easter Lunch. Definitely not a great idea.

The correct alcohol content was printed on the cardboard wrap. But let’s be real, everyone immediately squishes those pesky bits of cardboard into the recycling bin with nary a second thought.

The NSW Food Authority has warned of the many potential consequences of incorrectly labelled alcohol content.

“[It] may cause intoxication and/or subsequent injury/illness if consumed,” it said.

The Food Authority also said if you’ve purchased any of the tinnies you should return them for a full refund.

It’s not the first food warning of the Easter period. Seriously folks, take a good hard look in your booze-or-egg-filled baskets.

Loads of Kinder Easter choccies have been recalled because of salmonella fears. A horror movie sequel to the little toy in the middle of Kinder Eggs it seems!

The choccos have been recalled as a precaution because they might be linked to salmonella cases in Europe. If you want the full break-down of which Kinder choccos to avoid, you can find it here.

But like the Kahlúa Espresso Martinis if you have bought some poor unfortunate chocolates you can return them for a full refund.

Maybe use the refund money to think outside the box for Easter this year. No more chocolate and milky alcohol beverages! Perhaps this is the year of Light & Tangy chips and Bloody Marys. I’m sure your Nanna will love it.