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In a time where so much of life is heavy, we all deserve to enjoy what we love wholeheartedly and unapologetically. Whether it’s music, movies, TV shows, clothes, food or drinks, soaking up every inch of goodness we’re afforded in these trying times is essential to our survival.

But alas, because we as humans suck, sometimes seeing others enjoy themselves is a source of pain and discomfort. Enduring others’ opinions (even when they’re definitely not asked for) is an inherent part of this thing called life.

If you’ve ever dared to order a glass of Moscato at a bar, restaurant or even bring a bottle to an event, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Drinking Moscato is basically the equivalent of being a Taylor Swift fan during the Reputation era – you’re either scolded for all of your life decisions up to that point, OR you’re applauded for being able to enjoy something that’s immensely fun, a little daring and a bit cheeky.

But why is it like that?

Much like everything in life, anything that’s perceived as fun, easy or not exactly ~~high brow~~ gets slapped with the all-encompassing description of ‘basic’.

I truly do not care if Moscato is perceived as basic to the red wine faithful, sauv blanc and chardonnay snobs and whiskey connoisseurs of the world. Do you know what else is a little bit basic? The Office. Adam Sandler movies. Beyonce. Would you think for a second I’m going to deprive myself of those insurmountable joys? Not a chance.

If you find yourself turning your nose up at a glass of Moscato anytime soon, you probably also hate puppies. I don’t know how to make that sound any less blunt than it is.

Now, which side would you prefer to sit on?

My message to all Moscato haters ^^

Moscato is delicious, and no one can tell me otherwise. It dances off the tongue with fruity exuberance; it’s crisp enough to cut through with confidence and refreshing enough to accompany the heat of any summer event without weighing you down like a beer or cider would.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few quick reasons as to why it absolutely slaps.

  • Its flavour profile is super appealing, so you’ll like it without liking wine.
  • The bottles Moscato come in are usually 80% cuter than normal wine bottles.
  • It’s sweet and lively but not overwhelming.
  • It’s refreshing and light, making it a 10/10 Summer arvo drink
  • It soothes the soul
  • It’s great to share with pals
  • It’s generally pretty low in alcohol content (like this gorg Brown Brothers Moscato, which is actually Australia’s most drank white wine) = fewer carbs.

The list goes on.

Anyway, the point is, we should all aspire to live our lives free of the shackles of others’ opinions and just be ourselves. I know it seems like a lot in reference to drinking Moscato, but it’s a small metaphor for freedom and heck, we all need a bit of that right now. Hot tip – if you’re looking to score even more freedom, Brown Brothers are giving away 50k to a lucky punter for the chance to live free for an entire year too. You can suss out the comp for yourself here.

Enjoy Responsibly. 

Image: Netflix / Sex And The City