Jarcuterie Is The Latest Charcuterie Board Trend & This Actually Looks Like One I Could Do

There’s a new food trend in town and of course it’s related to charcuterie…This time it’s jarcuterie. No it’s not a typo, it’s a charcuterie board in a mason jar.

The jars have recently been doing the rounds on social media because they are COVID safe, completely sanitary and perfect for Christmas, according to Delicious. 

It’s quite literally a germaphobe’s dream. No more having to eat a bit of cheese someone’s just touched and MOST IMPORTANTLY say goodbye to double-dipping.

As an episode of Seinfeld famously put it: “It’s like putting your whole mouth in the dip.”

For me it’s a god-send, there is nothing I hate more than when it’s Christmas day and one of your random little cousins (the one you only see once a year) puts their grubby mitts all over the pretzels. There’s a kids table for a reason, YOU have your own bowl of pretzels. GOD I hate it so much.

Charcuterie has become a staple at any adult dinner party these days, precisely for the reason that it requires no cooking and it’s fucking delicious. However, the trend has been taken to new heights this year and sometimes I wonder if we’ve taken it a step too far.

Ok let me give you an example. Some poor sod invented waffle charcuterie/grazing boards and it’s a whole thing. Basically someone just took a stack of waffle ingredients and tried to make it into art. Don’t get me wrong, it looks good, but it sure is a lot of effort.

Remember when people on Masterchef were making deconstructed versions of everything and people were literally fuming at the elitism? Well we’re here now, deconstruction is the ~new normal~ .

But by far the WORST charcuterie related trend are charcuterie chalets. Yeah, it’s like a gingerbread house but with meat and cheese, and something about that sentence makes my skin crawl.

Yeah I think I’m going to stick with jarcuterie TBH.