Jamie’s Italian Is Debuting A New Veg-Friendly Menu For All You Meat-Free Monchers

If like me, you’ve progressed from ‘soul-crushing despair’ to ‘simmering ethical panic’ after learning that civilisation might just cease to exist in the not-too-distant future, then you’ve probably also been feverishly googling what restaurants have vegetarian and vegan options so you can swiftly feel better about your carbon footprint or something like that. Because I’ll be fucking damned if I’m not going out in a blaze of glory and a hefty dinner bill on the final night of the world.

Well, good news for you, my recently-morally-aware friend, Jamie’s Italian is launching a fully vego menu from July 2.

[jwplayer eKKPH0aD]

Obviously, all of the dishes on the new offering are of the Italian persuasion, so you’re looking at lots of carby boys, plenty of rich tomato sauces, and a good smattering of cheese, for those who just can’t say no to a god damned blue cheese gnocchi even if the world was ending (which it is.)

Looking at the menu I’m bloody salivating already, mates. Like, really. You tell me that reading the words ‘mushroom ravioli in a light tomato and mushroom sauce’ or ‘truffle and parmesan fries’ doesn’t make your stomach howl.

The new vegetarian/vegan menu stretches from entrees, through the mains, salads for those wanting something light, and sides for folks wanting something a bit more. And, praises be, there’s a good mix of vegan dishes in there, so it’s not like you’ll get stuck with like one (1) thing to eat all the time. The pasta is gluten-free too, so call all your FODMAP and coeliac mates.

With the full vegetarian and/or vegan menu launching on Tuesday July 2 at all Jamie’s Italian restaurants in Aus, they’re celebrating by making all of the pasta dishes $20 for the first week. So absolutely lock in your next dinner and get around that (normally) $28 truffle tagliatelle, it is your civil duty to do so.