The snack gods have answered all our prayers and sent us beloved primary school fave In A Biskit (potentially).

PEDESTRIAN.TV has been slung a couple of massive clues that basically confirm In A Biskit is coming back, baby. But of course, I won’t believe it until I have one of those delightful, puffy biccies in my hands.

Internet personality Jimmy Rees (or for those under nine: Jimmy Giggle) sort-of leaked the news on his Instagram stories. In the post, he got behind the hashtag #InABiskitComeBack followed by the hashtag #ad (so yeah, dead giveaway). But the biggest clue was the packaging, which read “special edition”.

Exhibit A) the new packaging.

In A Biskit

Exhibit B) the original packaging.

Why would In a Biskit create a new package design, if they weren’t going to release the popular snack food again?

I have so many fond memories of these snacks, like smuggling them into my sleeping bag and eating them on school camp. Because let’s face it: a piece of unknown meat with a side of lard is just not very appetising.

I also remember guzzling these snacks during sleepover parties, while we chatted about boys who rode BMX bikes and if we had gotten our first armpit hair.

Am I gonna eat these snacks for the flavour? Hell yes. But more importantly, I’m gonna eat them for the mems.