IKEA Is Bringing Its Giant ‘Growroom’ To Sydney & Yes, You Can Hang In It

A couple of months ago we had you all losing your minds over the new innovative urban garden thing from IKEA and Space 10, known as the Growroom.

The company set up the beaut thing in Copenhagen, which is like a big orb of plants and veggies, leaning in to the idea that the world is soon going to be so packed out with people that we’re going to have to get creative in the ways we grow produce for ourselves, and we’re also going to have to learn how to share.

Well, my good friends, the Growroom is coming to Sydney next Wednesday August 16 & Thursday August 17, so you can have the opportunity to sit in the serene little sphere of greenery, and feel the lush Swedish zen that seems to emanate from the plywood.

They’re setting the big ball of garden up somewhere in the city that cops a solid harbour view, and allowing folks to join in on the experience for free. You can book in your spot to nestle in the the Growroom over here.

LOOK AT THIS THING. (Photo: Supplied.)

The whole ethos of the Growroom is about shared living and sustainability, so IKEA will be putting on two days of shared dining using ingredients grown in the spherical garden.

The sessions are about educating us all about how we all need to be helping each other out when it comes to doing life together, as well as eating some good food from the Swedish flatpack overlords.

IKEA are also releasing a report next week called IKEA Australia’s People & Planet Positive Report 2017  to coincide with the arrival of the Growroom, which includes the kinda confronting fact that over half of us believe that shared living won’t work for us in the future.

But if the rapid expansion of humankind is to continue at the rate it is, we’re all just going to have to have to go back to that preschool education and relearn how to share.

See you in the BIO-DOME.