Friends, hungry binches and lawyers alike, do I have a fresh new burg for you. Hungry Jack’s is bringing forth what it claims is the biggest chicken burger in Australia, and my mouth is watering already.

After spending two years “perfecting an original recipe to rival all competitors”, Hungry Jack’s has decided to (surprisingly) enter the fried chicken game as of today.

Not only does it look fkn bomb, but it looks simply massive as well. That’s… a lot of chicken Mr Jack. I also have to wonder if this recipe has 11 original secret herbs and spices. Much to think about.

The brand new Jack’s Fried Chicken burger (JFC, if you’re nasty) comes with lettuce, mayo, a fuck-off piece of chicken and the mighty claim that it’s indeed “40% bigger than its closest rival.” Now, I wonder who on earth that could be.

The new chicken burg actually comes in three forms, which are the following:

  • Jack’s Fried Chicken Classic – comes with some delish mayo and lettuce. Sweet and simple, if you ask me.
  • Jack’s Fried Chicken Classic with Spicy Signature Sauce – same as before but with a hot kick.
  • Jack’s Fried Chicken Cheesy Bacon – get in my belly and clog my arteries this instant, please. Comes with lettuce, mayo, cheese and bacon. Gorgeous.

Have a look at the burg below.

jack's fried chicken hungry jack's
Look at this mighty lass, how glorious does she look.

I’d like to point out that Hungry Jack’s isn’t paying me in fried chicken to write this yarn, although they very well could. I’m just obsessed with fried chicken. Also obsessed with burgers that look eerily similar to other things, but that’s another story.

Please watch the ad below for the new burg, which stopped me in my tracks when it came up as a YouTube ad and had my tummy gurgling.

I’ve never heard so much moaning in an ad in all my life.

The burgers are available from today, so get you and your colonels to pick one up and judge for yourself if it really is the fattest fried chicken burger in the country.

If you need me, I’ll be getting all three delivered straight to my door so I can proceed to enter crispy heaven.