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Hold onto your hot cross buns friends, because Din Tai Fung, the restaurant that’s doing those incredibly YUMMO looking hot cross baos, is also doing home delivery. Steamed buns of chocolatey goodness? At my door? On my Easter? It’s more likely than you think.

Yep, you read that right, from March 22 (which is TODAY!), Din Tai Fung is delivering Hot Cross Baos across Sydney and Melbourne. The best part? All deliveries will be frozen so you can get them early in prep for your Easter feast and warm them up on any day that you choose.

Me? I’ll be warming up my trove of frozen baos on every single day this Easter holiday, because I deserve it and they look absolutely delicioso.

And the best part is you can order yourself some delicious frozen foods with your hot cross bao, meaning your entire Easter morning spread can be ready for you to just warm on up and serve away. Now that, my friends, is ingenuity and I support it wholeheartedly. Bring on the baos!


The steamed bread buns are filled with molten chocolatey goodness, and are currently selling for $8.00 for three pieces. The only catch is that these god-sent pieces of heaven are only available until they’re all sold out, which by my calculations is going to be very fkn fast.

You can fill out your bao bun delivery orders right here, but keep in mind that delivery costs vary depending on where you live, so you might wanna grab a few to make the most of it.

If frozen deliveries aren’t your style, you can also pick the bad boys up all hot and fresh from a select range of stores. It’s probably wise to get your order in early if you want to do that though.

I just know that these bad boys ooze chocolate when you bite into them.

If you need me I am going to be absolutely inhaling these gorgeous balls of perfection until the night becomes the morning. Whoever thought of these needs to get a raise instantly, because they are the perfect twist on the ol’ hot cross bun.

Image: Din Tai Fung